Ar4all is the first platform for marketing and communication that uses augmented reality to make interactive any image, logo, product, building, catalog, magazine, billboard, etc. which is commonly called “Marker” or “Tag”.
By simply downloading the Ar4all App and framing the active image, predefined contents are displayed on the screen.

Any type of content with an internet URL can be connected, such as web pages, videos, presentations, Pdf files, catalogs, brochures, social networks, video streaming, etc.

The information can be changed at any time and according to the package deal chosen.

No. Just save it by selecting the heart at the bottom right and recall it directly from the “Favorites” menu without having to frame it again. In this way, the user can create his own list of virtual Apps within Ar4all. For some Markers the favorite function may not be active. In this case, to view the contents it is necessary to frame the image again.

Yes. The App is free for the user, it does not include in-app purchases or advertising.

No. The App does not perform any type of profiling. The company only obtains aggregated data on the number of Markers displayed and contents selected.

Yes. Content in almost any language can be linked. The App recognizes the language of the mobile and displays the corresponding contents if existing or those in the language that the company will have defined as “Main Language”. However, you can manually change the language through the “world” icon in the lower part of the screen.

It is possible to test the App by framing one of the Markers on the Markers Page or by framing a 5, 10 or 20 euro banknote.

Ar4all has developed a very efficient recognition system that is able to recognize an image in less than a second. However, the speed also depends on the quality of the camera, the light and the Marker type. Anyways, an active data connection is required.

Generally the contents are decided by the company, but can be defined by Ar4all through an algorithm that searches for the most relevant ones on the web.

The system works with an active data connection without which the contents cannot be viewed.

The configuration is done in a few minutes and once completed the image will be interactive wherever it is without further action by the company.

Access to the platform is in the form of an annual subscription per Marker. The costs depend on the services requested and start from a few hundred euros per year. For more information on costs, send an email to info@ar4all.it

Yes. For fairs, festivals, concerts, congresses, exhibitions or any other short-term event there are reduced costs.