Augmented Reality for All

  • Frame the logos and products you love with the Ar4all App, making them immediately interactive! With Ar4all, Augmented Reality becomes available to everyone!
  • Get all the information on products, services, companies, do not miss the news and always stay in touch with what interests you and without profiling!


Download the Ar4all App from the App Store or Google Play Store on your Smartphone or Tablet


Frame the predetermined Marker to view the contents in Augmented Reality


Choose the contents of your interest by selecting the links that have appeared on the screen


Save your Markers as “Favorites” and view them at any time

Why Ar4all?

1. Get excited with Augmented Reality

2. Get all the information you need in a

3. Stay informed on your events and products by saving them as your

A single App for everything you need !

You don't have a Marker to try Ar4all? Try it by framing a 5, 10, 20 Euro banknote!